Elizabeth de Varga

Award winning Elizabeth de Varga to show at

Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival 2014

A full length stunning investment piece is exactly what award winning Elizabeth de Varga provides. Whether it be a black tie affair or a wedding, these classic and finely finished gowns are keepsakes to be cherished and enjoyed.

A gown should be a classic, stylish and extremely well made piece that can be stored for the occasional use and to hand down to the generations. A full length dress just won’t cut it. Well fit, well made and impressive fabrics of high end quality.

Elizabeth de Varga is a Sunshine Coast label that can brag of its international success with gowns being worn across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and of course right here in Australia and on the Coast. Most widely recognised for their bridal work, it is their non bridal couture that really the eye and creates a wow moment for those who come in contact. An award winning label, all of the gowns are made locally, with work embracing a love of fine laces, pure silks, delustred satins, rich brocades, delicate tulles and hand bead work.

Elizabeth de Varga will be showcasing at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival on October 25 at Palmer Coolum Resort.
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