Alpana Neeraj


The Alpana Neeraj SS15 collection showcases Japans astonishing obsession with everything “Kawai” or “Cute”. “Kawai”, originally a counterculture is largely  associated with young people in Japan reluctant to growing up, from Anime, hello Kitty, Harajuku… “Kawai”, the country’s dominant pop cultural aesthetic penetrates every aspect of Japanese life.

This collection is an attempt to capture “Kawai” ubiquity and merge it with an equally strong Japanese aesthetic of minimalism and clean lines.

Sharp linear structures are softened with bows and scallops Harajuku style apron skirts are worn over sharply cut pants, large floral patches are sewn on to long linear dresses and black gets special attention with obe adds ons and structured tie ups.

Roundness of compositions, childlike proportions and neutral and pastel colors are used to have the garments look like little dolls clothes.

Well done Alpana Neeraj, Intoxicated fashion loved your collection.

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