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Pero spring summer is for a woman who would rather wear flowers hair than diamonds around her neck. It is for a romantic; dreamer who saw numerous daisies growing in the countryside during her travels and wished to have them strewn all over her dress, as they were strewn on the sides of the road. It is for her who may have an electric wardrobe of must-have urban staples with a Parisian flair, but most of these are beloved timless places that are less red-carpet, and more art gallery.

Beautifully said by the designer Aneeth Arora.

This season we have included everything that a sensitive contemporary woman would need, to create wearable, playful looks that mark her presence as a woman of this world; looks with an attitude that she understands.  From loose tees to basic shirts, from tailored masculine outerwear to girly hand-embroidered dresses, from vintage schoolgirl tops to easy trousers and skirts… Everything goes with everything because at péro we are convinced that style is all about individual attitude. And we love our wearer to interpret freely and create their own trends rather than follow any trend forecasts.

Like always this season too, we wish to create clothes that capture the moment and the story of the making and the maker. To this end, we have brought together very distinct hand-crafts. One of these is crochet for which we worked closely with a group of 15 to 20 refugee women from Afghanistan, who created exquisite pieces using the technique of crochet, which they generally practice to make things for themselves and their households. This is set off against our experiments with various, age-old traditional Indian embroidery techniques such as ari and zardozi, to embroider different kind of flowers. The fabrics used are hand-woven, stamped and hand-embroidered mulmuls  and linens from West Bengal; and sheer cottons from Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh , not missing out on our signature contrast kanni selvedge which subtly appears on the hems and edges of the garments. The fabrics chosen are soft and have a fluidity, for our trademark lived-in charm.

The collection synthesizes its distinctive philosophy of handmade with meraki, where, in every piece we make, we put our love, heart and soul along with a part of ourselves, to be able to share it with everybody who connects with us through our creations and therefore helps us spread the love.

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