Ankita “Saaj”


Saaj brand is a fable seeker, the tradition maker, the alternative generation of the future past… we re-write forgotten tales and re-create the modern myths and resurrect old legends… we revive, restore and reconstruct the past to fit our  surrealistic perspective. We have taken charge of our own history…

Saaj by Ankita’s Spring-Summer 2015 collection – Nouveau Prophesy is entwined in the idea of the modern point of view of the legends, myths and occultism.

Crop circles and the observable symmetry of nature have been the fundamental driving forces behind this collection.

Natural fabrics like jute, cotton, linen and flax have been moulded and embellished to create a symbiosis between the natural feminine shape and the sophistication of natural geometry.

Silhouettes have been tuned to a modern and urban chic attitude and the juxtaposition of material ranging from metallic yarn to traditional ‘gota’ add an allure of luxury to the collection.

String art using new age metallic string have been manipulated to structure the collection and create a voice for it, that is a confluence of nature, our urban lifestyles and the power of observation.


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