Ashish N Soni

Ashish N Soni collection titles Plumage for spring summer 2015 is an amalgamation of prints which have been developed by digitizing a variety of feathers. Images of long feathers, downy feathers, and wing feathers have been superimposed one on the other to create placement printed garments.
Feathers then of ostriches, flagmingos, the Amazonian Macau and ofcourse, the Indian peacock have been juxtaposed in perfect design, texture and balance to engineer the printed looks. Feathers ofcourse are powerfully associated with sexuality, with display, with showing off as it were, as the male bird signals the female, with his color and plumage. But it is flight, soaring beautiful flight so often envied by human kind that above all is evoked by feathers.
Qualities of gentleness and softness in some prints are counter posted by strong often rigid feathers that stabilize flight. Minute handkerchief’s prints support the collection by creating a complete contrast between two completely different print schools.
A group of white, teal and washed chambray blue pieces add solid relief to the ensembles. The collection is quite tailored and incorporates a lot of everyday separates which have been put together keeping in mind pieces that are now synonymous with the label.

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