Chhaya Mehrotra

You have the monster crowd of bejewelled natives, the stir, the bustle, the confusion, the shifting splendors of the costumes – dear me, the delight of it, the charm of it are beyond speech.

–          Mark Twain


It is the spirit and culture of a place that seeps into its art, craft, literature and fashion. Banaras is a city soaked in culture and revered as a heritage city close to none. Traditionally known for various brocading techniques, the city is home to many more crafts and textiles than popularity known, block printing being one of them. Chhaya experiments with fabrics and block printing being one of them. Her experiments with fabrics and block printing both locally sourced in Banaras have led to a collection that they call “Bubbly Banarasi” for SS 15.

Bubbly is a little girl who has grown up in Banaras. She weaves the city and its life together for us in her own experiences and observations.

Colors of Sindoor, Chandan, Shiva and Moksha- Red, Yellow, Blue and White. In fabrics like silk, cottong, and noil are made into garments inspired by the way the locals dressed here, from a schoolgirl to a flower vendor or a temple priest. Handicraft techniques like block printing, weaving and wooden you making meet to bring forth a collection that’s truly Banarasi in essence and spirit.

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