Dev r Nil

I wake up to a dream of the unknown world
Calling me into its lap
The stories it tells me are the ones I heard from my
I sieve through the sand, the cobble stones of the old city lanes
Collecting small love from every little pebble.
Falling stars make a wish
I don’t want to end this journey Flowers bloom ….
I can hear the song of the wild
The collection is an ode to Bohemia…the spirit of travelling and, accumulating experiences that fill our heart and mind.


Rabindranath Tagore’s work has a lasting influence on us and his words come alive through some of his own handwriting (alternately, retain the word script prints as you had used originally). The other prints which are part of this story are those of “the pebbles” which talk about our journeys and the history of a land ; under the night sky watching the shooting stars, of idle time under the same sky imagining figures and patterns as you lie face up, wide eyed, sleeping under the open constellations. These acts of banality, of the mundane -things that we could do, once, and now, have forgotten, as our fast city life comes alive. The Moroccan mosaic pattern, the nameless flowers that grow by the hedge and the patchwork all talk about the stories that are long forgotten. We bring them alive in this collection as we sing a song of the wild.
The textures and the embroideries have a traditional touch with hours of love. Mirror work, bead work, thread embroideries pleating and the crushing of fabrics are all but modern yet have a timeless appeal.
The hand woven Ikats and silks weave an unusual relationship story with chiffons and georgettes. The layers of various fabrics and patterns come together, albeit in a nonconformist manner. The colours are colours that inspired us in this journey. The beige of mud, khaki of sand, red of love, blues – the light of water and the deep serene blue of the night sky, orange of traditions and pinks and mints of blooming wild flowers.

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