ekà is a ‘made in India’ womens wear label.

EKA ( ek in sanskrit ) means one , symbolically in many languages. Eka interpret it as, in’one of a kind’ contemporary womenswear label,created from Indian origin- textiles and clothing.

Eka make hand crafted clothes from natural textiles woven at various smaller craft clusters in rural India. Each season they try to explore genuine textile techniques with master craftsmen; weavers, dyers, block makers, embroiders and textile printers,to create unique seasonal collections. Textiles like finest counts of khadi, Indigo dyes, unique block prints like ‘saudagiri’ & ‘Agrakh’, layered handmade indigo dyed voiles with ‘kantha’ , luxurious light weight cottons not machined or ornamented flamboyantly are interpreted into clothing for woman. The fashion offered is unique, ageless and individualistic.

Shapes randomly follow the lines of the body, and fall unrestricted to create, an individualistic fashion statement.The styles are feminine and flamboyant, unnerved by wavering international trends. Monotones of colour,enrich the aesthetic of each collection.

Wonderful job Eka….. Intoxicated Fashion loves you

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