Gauri Nainika


The story of humankind and our relationship to the earth may be seen as a continuing adventure or a tragedy shrouded in mystery. The choice is ours.

-Well said by Al Gore

Global warming isn’t a prediction, it is happening.

Droughts, hurricanes, wildfires, extinction of endangered species, melting of polar ice caps and storms are few of the effects of global warming. Unless this critical issue doesn’t hit every person on earth, it will be very difficult to prevent the world from burning due to global warming in the near future.

The most important consideration is however is to feel for the problem and to be fully awakened to the situation.

Aside from its glamour-quotient, fashion is a powerful tool to reach out to people and send message, Gauri & Nainika Spring-Summer 2015 is dedicated to creating awareness about this hitting crisis.

With a modern and stark silhouette, the collection has been primarily designed in the striking colours of our beautiful planet.

The show opens with styles in blue and white with illusions of melting glaciers and subliminal impressions of continents. Asymmetrical hemlines, body-con shapes and flowing textures have been incorporated into the silhouette.

It then moves onto dresses and gowns that have been created in strong vivid printswhich show us the melting ice caps, CO2 gas emissions, used car dumps and drought demonstrating the catastrophic contributors to the issue of global warming.

The collection concludes with a series of lyrical ensembles- an ode to nature. Dresses and gowns have been created with textures of bright wild flowers, emerging leaves and stems in intense colours set against stark white. The cuts have been kept clean and restrained.

Wonderful job Gauri & Nainika…. Proud of you… Intoxicated Fashion supports this cause.

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