Josh Goraya

Lucid Play ‘Lucid Play”, from Josh Goraya is the manifestation of contemporary art and modern youth,, a celebration even. The aesthetics of this collection can be seen through the graphic play, infused with detailed craftsmanship and the sense of refined ease.
The collection is a disciplined journey, in-keeping with the vitality of the modem fashion sensibilities. Clean edges, strong and bold accents of colour, creatively amalgamate the practical, the masculine and elements of feminism within the collection.
This collection from Josh Goraya uses lightweight linens, cottons, georgettes and their blends for the women’s wear range and heavier linens for the suits and jackets for the men’s wear. Colours and silhouettes add to the androgynous marriage of the garments, be it the ‘Mars Red’, ‘Tender Greens’, ‘Spectral Yellows’ or the ‘Malibu Blues’. lucid Play” is our expression of SS15, a season that embraces the exquisite.

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