Nachiket Barve

“I am in love with cities I have never been to and people I have never met” – John Green


Life is a journey- travelling as we do through places we’ve been and those we dream of; to try and absorb as much as one can see and experience the world; to tell many stories and to live many lives in one lifetime makes it worthwhile for me. To me, Fashion is an extension of this flight of fancy and at Nachiket Barve, he conjure pieces that have a story, bringing slices of these cultures we research and fall in love with- to you.

Nachiket is always fascinated by Africa; it is the place where humankind is said to have originated. The region has some of the harshest conditions, scarcity of resources, and some of the poorest people in the world. But on the other hand, there is such strong, diverse and original expression and a rich cultural vocabulary. Textiles, jewellery, body art and rituals are unique and have survived centuries of influences to remain authentic and pure. In the rapidly globalised world that we live in, it is indeed special to see these traditions that have stayed constant.

The Kalahari and Namib deserts of the African continent are stark, vast, inhospitable and utterly beautiful. Incredibly high dunes in multitudes of colours and an ever-changing sky create an almost surreal landscape.

There is such diversity in the arts and crafts of the varied groups of natives and yet there is commonality in the elements of design- evident in geometry, repetition, composition and form. I began with an intrigue of the juxtaposition of cultures, traditions and motifs of the People of the Deserts and this collection is a culmination of that journey.

Surfaces & Techniques: The African continent has many different people; the raffia woven `Shoowa’ and `Kuba’ textiles of the people of Congo have been adapted in intricate hand embroidery and beading. Trompe l’oeil illusionary patchwork effects have been created using collages of these different patterns and motifs.

The superbly crafted silver jewellery of the Tuareg people has been re-interpreted in delicate beading. The beaded corsets of the Dinka men have been translated with wooden beaded embroidery on dresses. The finely crafted neckpieces and checked fabrics of the Maasai inspire a segment of the collection.

Palette: The palette of colours is inspired by the sand, sky and sun of these deserts.

Fabrics: Tussar Silk, Kota, tulle, silk, chiffon, crepe, georgette, organza, Chanderi, Raw Silk, Spun Silk, Washed Dupion and satin

Silhouettes & Details: The silhouettes reflect the key trends for SS15 such as Front slit skirts, slashing, the mid calf length, palazzos, zippers, cut-outs, safari shirts, transparency and draping. The shoes are specially created with wood and jute. Acrylic cuffs have been created with the laser cut Tuareg motifs. The collection has separates that can be mixed and layered to create individualistic looks.

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