Pallavi Mohan


Dappled sunshine and the scent of citrus a light breeze and a hint of mischief. Delightfully defiant is the AA15 collection by Not so serious.

This collection playfully weaves a story of sheer seduction flirtatious fabrics like chiffon silk organza and georgette interact with the more solid cottons and knitted textiles creating fine details of textured embroidery.

The signature style of Not so serious is taken to the edge with the pristine whites acid greens the elusive peach dusky pinks, misty aqua and deceptive nude. There is a play of light and color that evokes a sense of calm but is also equally enticing.

With an amalgamation of contrasting fabric the play of colors, and the ethereal silhouttes the range that comes together is carelessly casual yet infinitely romantic.

The clean lines and structured styles are finished with a dainty aesthetic. While a glimpse of more sporty sensibilities are implemented with the use of stark waist banks hemlines and necks. The beaded shirts, crop tops, heavy circular skirts, crisp pants and full length dresses are fashioned to create silhouttes that are easy to wear with a flirty twist.


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