Payal Pratap


A crucible of culture and civilization, Eastern Europe is a veritable treasure of colors, forms, patterns and beauty. The history that the area has witnessed has lead to explosions of creativity and art. Violence, wisdom, religion, innovation, philosophy, learning, craft, inventions, wars and peace all have marched through time in this special part of the world. And in the middle of It all, flows the mighty river, Danube.
Using influences from this swatch of geography, Payal creates a special collection titles “Banks of the Danube”.
The regional costumes of Eastern Europe, find a modern voice in this body of work.
Patterns that weave playful narratives of artistic folk designs, curvilinear cross stitch embroideries bearing cultural influences from the region, stylized patterns of flowers and geometric shapes are all juxtaposed in perfect balance.
The collection has natural fabrics, net cutwork jacquards woven incorporating ancient eastern European motifs. There are historical and architectural references in the ornamentation, used as decorative art in the bold mosaic prints. The ensembles are peppered with handloom woven stripes, all over embroideries and pixilated prints imparting a language that is unique and refreshing.
The silhouttes comprise of tiered and layered skirts and dresses, peasant shaped sleeves, gathered hen creating diaphanous volume in sheet and lightweight summer fabrics. Empired waistline gathered silhouttes, the maxi dress and maxi skirt share prominence with drawstring gathered salwar pants and the stylized zuave. Cropped gilets and graphic embroidered sheath dresses. Corseted upper bodices with languorous bottoms.
The attempt o part of the designer has been to create versatility. The pieces presented could be worn as separates or teamer up together to create global modern Indian silhouette.
The colours range from floral white, cyan blue, deep sea coral to carnation pink, mint green and wild berry.
Accessorised with malleable leather belts, and kolhapuri silhouttes with hand punched brogue detailing.
Jewellery takes the form of multicolour stone carving in floral motifs with drops.
Like the great river, this collection flows with a refreshing insight, it is classic yet unique in all the it attempt to encapsulate and showcase.


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