Poonam Dubey



She is divine; she is pristine, Powerful is her soul that combines colours of eternity, And emerge as an indefatigable force i.e. Shakti.

Fashion designer Poonam Dubey has lent a new meaning to the creative art forms of West Bengal and Assam. By bringing together creative forms like Sholapith, Woven Towel and Tangail, she is adding new ethos to women’s dressing sensibilities. Aptly titled Shakti, the collection is an ode to the supreme energy that pervades and sustains us all.

For the collection, colour palette of ivories, reds, golds and silvers have been extensively used in the garments that are interspersed with a few complementary shades here and there. Along with this, some metallic hues have been used to add that uber trendy look to the garments.

The collection is special owing to its beautiful cuts, silhouettes, drapes and patterns that present a glimpse of rich cultural and regional diversity of regions like West Bengal and Assam. The uniqueness of the garments will surely entice today’s woman, who has mastered the fine art of balancing modern with the traditional. Her attitude, choices, dreams may be modern but she still strongly holds on to her roots, like a tree stays close to earth. She knows that without her roots, she would lose her essence. Hence, even though she aims for the sky, she stays rooted to the ground.

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