Rabani & Rakha


‘RABANI’ the the creation of Rahul and Shibani Rastogi, began as a hobby in the year 1999 – from their inspired love of design they built the label into an innovative design house, whose label is sold in the finest boutiques in India and around the world. With Gautam Rakha, graduate of NIFT delhi, the label took its next step to growth. Rabani’s detailed and comprehensive understanding of embroideries perfectly complemented the design and marketing talent of Gautam Rakha – such was the genesis of Rabani & Rakha.

The label has rapidly gained critical appeal from fashion insiders and an elite clientele. Known for their exquisite and intricate work, Rabani and Rakha, are creating distinctive and memorable clothes. In a very short time, they have gained a strong following based on their quality workmanship and creative designs.

Light as a breeze, and as precious as antique crafts- the collection has nostalgic ensembles created by RABANI & RAKHA for their muse of the past & present.
This is a finely wrought whirlwind of lace, tulle, opulent embroideries & sheers brocades updated for today in gowns ,sarees, dresses & intriguing fusion ensembles .
Imperceptible layers shimmer and form ensembles imbued with charismatic appeal.. These ensembles materialise amid precious puffs of tulle and lace moulded on to the figure with sensual romance, and all then adorned by myriad seductive details like glittery stars, the result of expert & patient craftsmanship.
The colours pallete consist of a sophisticated ivory along with gold and sun kissed peach.

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