Rajesh Pratap Singh


A timeless basic, much like a skeleton on which everything else (in our wardrobes) can be fleshed out- Denims are not a fashion item, but a key essential; the foundation.
“Blue blood” brings to fore Rajesh Pratap Singh’s love for raw selvedge denim made with pure indigo, a part of the craft that has waned over the years only to be now treasured and brought back into the mainstream by denim purists.
With his design philosophy of maintaining the core essence of the fabric and the garment, Rajesh Singh’s effort with the collection is to maintain the rawness and individuality that a denim piece should have. While also keeping in mind the environmental impact of the production of this garment by using pure natural indigo and raw denim which is non-toxic.
The indisputable historical association of indigo with India dictates the need to do a denim out od India., at part with the best in the world; giving ode to the origins of the dye itself to the Indian sub-continent. Handloom (khadi) denim made with natural indigo dye, is a truly Indian invention. It is India’s second contribution to the world of denim, the first being indigo itself.
This collection also pays tribute to people in the Denim industry, the blue-blooded tribe, who view this product as more of a heritage or heirloom and like to believe in the purity and romance of denim
Different weights of denim have been used for bottoms and as shirting. The rural bundi is recreated in its many avtars. Selvedge denim is cherished in each piece whether at the seam, in the bias, as a placket detail or centre back. Experiments in men’s silhouttes include the engineered shirt without an armhole and the bias tunic shirt which feature through the collection. Quirky hand and machine embroideries, chikan embroideries combined and interspersed with the brand’s signature pintucks, patchwork jackets and polka appliques. Fabric innovations include stainless steel blended denim, khadi linen weaves and jacquard stoles with selvedge details. The romance with lkat continues.
“Blue blood” celebrates the purity of denim as well as its versatility.


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