Reynu Taandon

The secret floral garden collection is the entire hidden secret that defines woman as a Nurturing, Blossoming, Feminine, Graceful and Confident. Reynu has always brought something new in an extraordinary way. By using colors like ivory, beige, gold, mustard and Reynu has infused life to each ensemble created by her.

The new collection is all about tunics, cut trousers, short dresses and ball room gowns in luxurious silks, delicate tulles and translucent chiffons.  Reynu has woven her collection around rich fabrics which comprises lot of silk, georgettes, net, self attached fabric. This collection will add beauty, charm & élan to a woman’s persona.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER: Reynu Taandon is a leading designer in the world of fashion. Reynu expresses her passion, spirit and energy through her work. She defines her USP as her flamboyant perspective of colors, contour and soft intricacy.

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