Shivan & Narresh

Mailots, Bikinis and Trikinis return this season holder than ever. but the biggest introduction this season is the SVl, IND RESS. Saunter around in sun in the city or a resort or recreate in a pool. The SwimDress packs the Swim & Resort like never before!
The effortless RESORT St IT – a combination of finest Italian jersey palazzos & a silk cape – making the Shivan & Narresh woman so elegant and breathtakingly powerful even in a resort state of mind!
The FRINGED DRESS is introduced as the new Beach-to-Bar look. Crafted with hand-cut fringe, the dress pours beautifully over swimsuits, creating a mysterious look that speaks pure elegance.
S S 1 prints embody the works of Calder through the elements of his works – from the multi-colour primary shapes at the end of his mobiles to the ever inspiring eyes he used in his wire sculptures.
The treatment of his signature elements was enhanced in the SHIVAN & NARRESH studios with an abstract approach which exaggerated the elements to create two signature prints for the season – the hued INFLUX & the CALDER’s EYE print.
The COLOURS take a primary route. Much like Calder’s pallete . Vermillion, Chrome & Azure Blue come together with black frameworks for swimwear. Amidst the bright hues. JOSS dominates the season – the colour works wonders with sun-kissed tans & the beautiful caramel Indian skin!
” Our minds wandered into directions that explored the human body as a plane to create the spatial kinetics of Calder.. The result was rather bold! – Shivan Bhativa
the Techniques
The line work of Calder’s mobile were transferred onto the fabrics with hand fringing. creating an allure of inyster\ whilst revealing the skin.
Fringing is pure mystery- when taken the marimalist route – the handcrafted fringing is aimed al mtiking the perfect honeymoon look! – Narresh Kukreja
in the making
The style is sexy; glamorous & effortless – think of sensuality exuded by slick straps framing the skin or the fall of fine silk caressing the body: Shivan Bhatiya
The woman is strong & sharp! The process behind the collection incorporated an extensive research on Calder’s works and reinterpreted on to the human form with precarious crafting & adaptation. Calder’s ‘mobiles’ provided a great starting point, adapted in form of kinetic frameworks on the anatomy almost defying gravity on the body much like his sculptures. A bold new style of swimwear, crafted to perfection ….
the CALDER woman
The Mood encapsulated with illustrations & crystalized Swarovski Elements
The exquisite mobiles by Calder excited us to explore cantilevers & mobility- in swimwear intl.’s* a -sense of bold sensuality to the summer! -Narresh Kukreja

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