Vineet Bahl


`Malhaar’, the SS15 collection is a celebration of the arrival of Monsoon. It is also synonymous with the traditional ‘raga’ that is sung to welcome the arrival of these rains. According to legend, raga Malhar is so powerful that when sung, it can induce rainfall. It is possible that the rainfall that the legends speak of is in fact metaphorical of the state of mind brought about by the recital of the raga.
The color palette of ‘Malhaar’ ranges from ivories to pastel hues of powder pink, blush, verdigris and sunset yellows — all enlivened with a sheen of subtle silver and gentle gold.
Surface detailing includes generous use of thread work alone or accented with pearls, glass beads, zari, naqsh, muqaish, sitaare ka kaam and sheesha; rendered on banarsi silk net, banarsi dupion and silk khaddi (W)
The colors of the sky during monsoons have been captured in the collection by using ombre effect base fabrics. From somber greys to lively hues of pinks giving in to crimsons and soft yellows merging with muted greens, ‘Malhaar is poetry in motion.
Water droplets on leaves and flowers often create ethereal pearl like textures and the same effect has been re-created in ‘Malhaar’. Unending sheets of banarsi dupion are embroidered in complex but subtle geometric patterns to replicate this effect, interspersed with floral embroidery that could well be a view of a garden in full bloom that’s just had the first spell of the rains.

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