Rina Dhaka AAIFW AW15

The autumn/winter 2015 collection showcases the Classic checks, stripes, spider eaves & ghat like patterns which are then distorted from convention to the modern graceful.

The collection boasts off box-like asymmetrical designs such as rectangular patterns, square & spider-like weaves all caught in embroideries to give a lace like romance.

Lack piece is crafted after an extensive exploration of cutwork, beadwork, prints and wrinkled fabrics. The designs have been created with the aim to develop a new order.

The range can be mote accurate defined as a high fashion lesson oriented toward a mix and match oven spectrum of colourr. Black shades of beige and gold, a dash of blue and child like irony and a good portion of romanticism. Whilst using contrast of black, White and dropped waists to ‘V neck lines or high neck and bias cut gems, the show has a contrast of shadow n light, of lines and plaids, of movement and silence.

M4S_6075 M4S_6149 M4S_6187 M4S_6312 M4S_6325 M4S_6348 M4S_6374 M4S_5984 M4S_6019

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