Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna AIFW AW15

An Early Frost.
Seasons. They come and fade and each brings it joys and pleasures.
Yet winter presents a harsh beauty. Cold and icy yet in its glory, beautiful and spectacular.

And some times the frost visits early. Not just in the temperature but in life and existence seem fragile and cruel.

Winter came early and took away the smiles and glee of the milder seasons but reminded us of the fragility of life.

This collection titled “ An Early Frost” is the tangible reality of the mixed emotions of the designers at this moment of their lives.

Thus, the collection embodies the colors of a cold forest. Ash grey, dark oak, whitish mist find a place.

Prints and textures have been inspired from fur textures and infused with signature linear patterns in monotones, the scaling and hand crafted appliqué has been inspired from the intriguing animal skins. Cold metallics can be seen in the collection by the use of riveting techniques.

The silhouettes for the season have a lot of layering and exaggerated sleeves. The capes, high waisted skirts, embossed neoprene dresses, lazer cut jackets are the key signatures of this collection.

This special collection is together a lament and a celebration of a life.

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