Samant Chauhan AIFW AW15

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To depict the tradition of worshipping female energy . Collection represents purity and divine energy , also representing sixteen forms of ” kumari ” which are sandhya , sarasvati , Tridhamurti , kalika , subhaga Uma, Malini, kubjika,Kaalasanarbha, Aparajita, Rudrani, Bhiravi , Mahalakshmi , Pithanayika Kshetragya and Ambika The A/W 15 ” slow ” current invites us to take the time to see things . In details . And to indulge our Desire for well made , high quality products whose studied design and expert crafting are the signature of opulent good taste , slow luxury .” High and low tech ” , charm and artsy savvy , velvets — sit next to faded silk fabric , suede , shiny zari aspects with touches of gold for thread and accessories and pearls with very elegant silhouettes . Long dresses , with add of silk . A deep color range hint on whites adds a Statement this season , depicting purity, the silk coats and layered look . A color range of Deep And tarnished jewel or metal tones, luminous marble white, with its burnished luster .
At his 2004 graduating show, a bagful of awards already in his puddle, this New Delhi Niftian always knew what he was in quest of. Thereafter, followed an unstoppable series of proud events — his first award winning show at the Singapore Fashion Week’05; in 2007, he reached his milestone participating in the London Fashion Week and in 2008, he experienced the highest point in his career presenting his SS’09 collection as a solo show at Carousel Du Louvre, Paris. Passionately working for the cause of his native Bhagalpur master-weavers, he received the ‘Young Entrepreneur Award’ by the British Council in 2009. He’s been participating in Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week since 2005 and in WLIFW’s SS12; he penetrated into the Indian wear market in grand way by launching his ‘Rajputana’ collection.
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