‘Spawake’ launches a range of Age Solution skincare products

New Delhi, India, 27th October 2016 – Launched in India by KOSÉ Corporation, one of the largest beauty and cosmetic companies of Japan, ‘Spawake’ brings to you a range of Age Solution skincare products that treat your skin which has become dry, lost its firmness and elasticity and is showing signs of ageing in the most gentle way to bring back the bright, youthful and vivid texture. All the products contain a core ingredient Astaxanthin which has been developed through years of proprietary ageing research by KOSÉ. Astaxanthin is a red pigment that is found in algae, extracted from the sea. It provides superior anti-oxidant properties and anti-ageing support. Along with Astaxanthin, Spawake Age Solution Range contains an extract of Japanese kelp (Laminaria Japonica) and sea salt, which are commonly used marine cosmetic ingredients.


Spawake’s Age Solution is one of the most exquisite range of skincare products, from the heart of beauty -The Sea. It offers effective yet pleasurable skincare solutions which refreshes and revitalizes the skin for a fresh, after-spa glow and helps in the maintenance of youthful appearance along with maintenance of collagen in skin.

You can prepare your skin this season with the ultimate Age Solution Range infused with Astaxanthin and Sea minerals:

  • Cleanse your skin with Spawake Age Solution Intensive Foaming Wash, a naturally-derived, rich creamy face wash that washes away daily sweat, dirt, dullness and oil without burdening the skin. It forms a moisturising veil to prevent the required moisture from getting lost hence revealing smoother, more refined skin with a youthful glow.
  • Moisturise with Spawake Age Solution Intensive Day Cream, a smooth and fast absorbing cream that glides over the skin to form a non-greasy moisture veil, while protecting from environmental stresses such as air pollution and dryness. SPF 20/PA++ provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection against further damage from UV exposure that cause premature ageing. Based on KOSE’s research in skin ageing, this innovative formula is enriched with Astaxanthin which makes your skin firmer and smoother, regaining a youthful vibrant glow. Formulated with Silky powder, it also prevents stickiness even during sweating.
  • Revitalize your skin with Spawake Age Solution Intensive Night Cream, a delightfully smooth and enveloping night cream that delivers deep infusion of moisture to dry, stressed skin that is exposed to damage by UV rays, pollution and environmental stresses. It contains moisture oil that brings a feeling of emollient to the skin creating a full and soft feeling from inside. Upon waking, your skin feels amazingly soft and velvety. Intensively hydrated, your skin appears revitalized as veil of firmness agents adhere close to the skin, reclaiming youthful radiance.

A  survey of Spawake Age Solution Intensive Day Cream was done with 100 Indian Women (32-39) years from May – June 2016 and the initial results were fabulous. Here’s what women had to say:

95% women felt anti-ageing effect within 2 weeks

99% women saw improvement in skin fine-lines

97% women felt improvement in wrinkles

So, be ready at all times with a youthful spa-like glow with Spawake Age Solution Range!

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