Mukul Jain

Director, Digital Marketing

Mukul Jain is a digital marketing and PR professional who has been working on various project into social media, fashion, lifestyle, blogging, PR, etc. Intoxicated fashion, according to him is a project to bring every individual in fashion industry to come under one roof and share the projects they are working on. It can be either designing, brand development, lifestyle and trends. At present he is a founder of Intoxicated Fashion, which he designed to promote various talents into fashion and lifestyle industry. Website:

Maswood KhanMaswood Khan

Senior PR Consultant

Maswood Khan is a professional with rich experience in handling PR of events across the country. He has been managing media coverage for various events like IIFD Premia Runway, La Finesse 2014, Indian reality awards 2013, etc.

Roberta Zollino

Senior Content Manager and Partner from robyzl fashion blog

Curious, playful and outgoing! The job requires me long and 1782296_720188114678447_229362450_olasting relationships with numbers, double-entry bookkeeping, billing and statement …Her blog is a great escape, a part of everyday life that clipping only for me, for news, fashion and beauty. I would love to travel to find out more … but already do something with your imagination!

Carlotta Cornelius

 Editor & Fashion Blogger at The Multiple Choice4

 No style is perfect. Style means keep moving. Style means making choices. Under this mantra Carlotta bloggs since May 2013 at The Multiple Choice. On her blog she shares her gorgeous outfits and experiences about fashion to her readers and gives them a small insight whats going on in her young student, editor and blogger life.

Carlotta comes from Cologne, Germany and studies German and Ancient American Studies & Anthropology at Bonn University. Part-time, she writes for several magazines and blogs passionately. She is associated with Intoxicated Fashion as a content partner.

Aska Wolf

Editor and Fashion blogger at OkimaliarIMG_8666

Aska is a reputed fashion and life story teller. She love to analyse life and fashion’s role in it, like the fashion itself. OOTDs and exclusive interviews are just a part of it. Her sense of writing involes poetic act when she says OK, I’m a liar. At present she is associated with Intoxicated Fashion as a content contributor and advisor

Gabriella Valencia


Founder of Artquifash Network, editor and blogger in ArtquifashPhogeometrics and Pixie Gabrielle.

Photographer, mad about any kind of design and future architect. She shows her potential by writing posts and taking images for the world of design. She is currently studying architecture and graphic design in Spain while she works in interior design, illustration and web design proyects in Spain. Artquifash Network was the first step in a big journey of design, taking part in photography, architecture, art, and fashion with Artquifash, Photogeometrics and Pixie Gabrielle.

Lorraine Eyre

Based in Athens, Greece, Lorraine is a highly respected British journalist and fashion editor 1235173_1420991084789073_1017080636_nwho writes for a publishing company, various websites and online newspapers and magazines in Greece and abroad.  Her articles cover an array of topics including Fashion, Jewellery & Accessories, Beauty, Luxury Hotels, Spas, Yachts, Restaurants and Food. She has also conducted in-depth interviews with some of the world’s renowned fashion designers and business millionaires while covering a range of articles, including features on luxury travel, politics, world news, well-known fashion labels and exclusive events. Lorraine frequently gives interviews on TV and reports live events in her home city. At present she is working as a fashion editor with Intoxicated Fashion.

Cherei Roxana

blogger at Roxanne Blogroxana ch

Roxana is an international fashion lifestyle blogger from Romania. She has been writing about various fashion trends for long now. According to her she is  life lover and is in love with fashion make up and travelling.  She has joined intoxicated Fashion as a contributor and is a content partner to it.

Katharina, Models in Motion  ModelsInMotionLogoTITLE

The models Jenny, Lisa , Melanie and Carola live together in an appartment in Paris. They experience together funny things in the fashion scene. In the blog Models In Motion each model writes about her live in Paris and her work with interesting upcoming fashion designers worldwide.

The TV series “Models In Motion” is written by Kahler, Copyright 2014 The blog is part of the series and multimedia project.

Nathalie Tegelstam


Blogger at:

Nathalie is a 18 year old fashion blogger from Sweden. She love to share her fashion tips to her readers and also like to put together different items of clothing in different collages and share them. In her blog you can also read about inspiration, a bit about her daily life, beauty tips, and interior tips. But of course, fashion is the main topic. She is associated with Intoxicated Fashion as its contributor.

Maria Grazia Pitrelli10007464_10203739107748039_7265181579246064073_n

Maria Grazia Pitrelli is an Italian Freelance Writer. She is a Founder of Your Fashion Chic, a BlogZine designed with the primary purpose of promoting professional designer and Emerging Brands, Events and Competitions, and to discover new trends and news in the world of Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Design, Art (and not only). Website:

Alexandra Lazar10150456_557884377660760_1210062984_n

Alexandra is a personal stylist and fashion blogger at Style O Sphera  ( She is also a Medical School student. She started this blog last year, when she realised that the Romanian fashion industry (the country where she live) needs fresh faces to illustrate the latest trends and to adapt them to the society. She is a girl who love to come up to innovative ideas of wearing clothes, as well as analyse trends and give fashion advice to those who ask/need. 

Francesca Esposito

Blogger at My lovely WorldTiffo&Co 100

Francesca is an Italian Fashion Blogger for My Lovely World. She love shoes, pink and pizza (neapolitan pizza, yes yes I’m Neapolitan, she says). Fashion is her drug and she is always thankful to her blog that she had an opportunity to work with many brands. My Maxim is ” Fashion changes but Style endures” (coco Chanel)

 Oana Shaykhislamova
Blogger at Simple kind of lifeoana shaykhislamova

Oana is a blogger from London very passionate about fashion and photography. Collecting more then a decade pictures such as fashion inspirations, home-decoration, artistry and many more. Now that she became a mother she loves to learn about herself and explore this wonderful world of children, while she discovers she is sharing with us tips on her personal blog; also you will find fashion tips from models and celebrities, baby fashion, discussion about motherhood, finding herself as a woman, travel, creativity ideas, music and much more:

Antonella Pappalardo
Blogger at : White CameliaSchermata 2014-09-24 alle 13.30.00

From the passion for the fashion world was born White Camelia, personal blog, which from the first click, however, opens the door to an enchanted world. How Modugno sang … “Ti sembra niente il sole, la vita, l’amore…Meraviglioso” … and it is precisely this that the blog wants to deal … all that we have around wonderful! ashion, Art, Books, Travel, a perfect combination of many elements that you always return to the joie de vivre, good taste, the art of receiving, the art of capturing the beauty and treasure to savor then, piece by piece in those days that have little to nice. degree in International Relations, a Master in Web designer, mom, wife, friend, daughter and passion for life have brought me to the realization of this project that was born a bit ‘for the game but that already gave me a lot of satisfaction and so many emotions.

White Camelia Blog … it’s true life!

Ashley Wallace

Content partner from CGC DailyAshley Wallace

Ashley Wallace was born in Los Angeles, and raised in San Francisco. She is thrilled to be back residing in warm, sunny Santa Monica, and living just blocks from a real beach.  Before getting her MBA from Pepperdine, Ashley completed her undergraduate studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco.  She decided to meld her two greatest loves, fashion and business, to create CgC Daily, and she is so excited to see it grow.  In her free time, Ashley enjoys trying new recipes, yoga (who doesn’t love some Downward Dog?), and relaxing on the beach, living the “so-cal” life and soaking up the sun!   Her collaboration with Intoxicated Fashion is a new way to explore fashion trends across the globe. 

 Oana Daiana Hamza

Fashion blogger at Fashion In a BoxOana Daiana Hamza

Oana is a graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Litterature, where she had the opportunity to study French and German philology – but especially a fashion and beautiful lifestyle lover. Fashion has always been her first choice. She know that she can accomplish her life only if she do what she like the most – FASHION. Her motto is « I don’ do fashion, I AM fashion » ( Coco Chanel).


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