Tza-Rina Furs

Tza-Rina Furs promise they can make our autumn and winter as enjoyable as one can hope. Early sunsets, late sun rises, unpleasant temperatures outside..

IMG_0151Autumn is coming and we all have the ever lasting dilemma : what to wear? We all have coats and biker jackets, but what if we want something to brighten up the whole outfit or even a day? Tza-Rina Furs solves the problem effortlessly . Their color palette is filled with pastel and bright summer shades of pink, red, blue, and any shade you can possibly be into. Throw the fox fur light as a feather pastel violet jacket over that silk dress in the evening, or dress up a t shirt and distressed jeans with a bright orange one for that Kate Moss or Kim Kardashian celeb look. So versatile , we literally need them in every color ! Tza -Rina carries faux fur along with chinchilla , raccoon, and sable fur for their most coveted clientele, that includes A-List celebrities . follow them on @tzarina

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